Airplane Seats

I see that you have seats assigned for our trip to Spain going through London but you don't have seats on the transfer on Iberia airlines flight

8553 on September 27 2022 .

Will you be arainging for seats for us in Business Class prior to departure .Please advise
Thank you
Vincent and Diana Farren


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    Vincent F - If your question is directed to Tauck you are in the wrong place. Tauck does not monitor this forum. You have to contact them directly. Go to Tauck.com. Please write a review of your tour on this forum as we are taking this trip next year.

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    Vincent F,

    Yes, contact Tauck directly and/or log into your "View Trip" (correct name?) that Tauck gave you after booking through them. I can say, however, that sometimes on short flights within Europe, your seats will be assigned at the gate, even when flying business class.

    This was a fabulous tour. Enjoy!

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