Oberammergau Passion Play 5/29/22

We went to see the Passion Play on 5/29/22. We only had 15 people in our Tour due to cancellations. Just letting everyone know that you can bring in ANY size bag. There are no restrictions as indicated by Tauck. However, the seats are close and there is little room for a large bag (backpack). Any size purse would do. You are hand searched for weapons and the like. They do let you go to the bathroom if needed. It is partially covered, but it does get cold. We had 46 degrees around 9PM. It was over around 10:30pm. Hotels are certainly adequate, but not 5 star since the area is small. Great shopping on quality stuff.


  • Thanks for your update. I will be over there in September.

  • We were there on June 12. It was warm but not overly so. We only had 22 on our trip instead of 40 so our TD gave us the extra tickets and we could spread out. They were checking bags; I’d suggest not bringing a large one, you can carry your bottle of water and small umbrella separately. The play is phenomenal.

    Agree about the Oberammergau hotel, Tauck has no control…ours was clean and adequate but certainly not up to Tauck standards. If you’re on Romantic Germany, the Hotel Arvina Reichsstadt (after Rothenburg) left a lot up be desired, a Tauck hotel but more like a motel. They definitely need to change that for the

  • Will we need to take binoculars to see the play?

  • We were there in May and did not need binoculars. Tauck's tickets for that performance were in the center section, rows 13 and 14. I'm sure tickets vary performance to performance but they have tried to secure the best available tickets.

  • We were on row 26 and binoculars would have been nice. We were on the Blue Danube trip…seats do vary. We’d recommend taking them…just in case. Great seats just further back.

  • Thanks for the update. Packed and ready to go tomorrow

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