Euro is almost at parity with the US Dollar

One bright spot for us traveling over to Europe right now is the exchange rate.

The Euro today was at €1 to $1.029 USD
Pound Sterling was at £1 to $1.20 USD

Our Tauck trips for this year are already paid for, so our savings will be minimal but at least it is something.


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    I think that's a great reason to enjoy an extra beer or glass of wine now and then. >:)

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    I’m here now and it makes it so easy. Price paid in € is just about price in $. Simple math!

    I have had no issues with having an extra beer yet and it’s only been one night in Munich! 😂

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    dogdoctor, have a Paulner Weißbier. You won't be dissapointed. :p

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    dogdoctor, have a Paulner Weißbier. You won't be dissapointed

    Had one before lunch today. It was very good. Thank you for the recommendation. Based on my personal taste, I enjoyed the Schiller Bräu Weißbier better. Check them out as well as the food next time you are in Munich. Their TripAdviser rating/ranking is phenomenal and is no lie.

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    edited July 2022

    On one of our 3 trips visiting Munich we took a beer tour which went to several breweries and pubs in Munich as well as a dinner with beer. After sampling a variety of beers, I would go as far as saying there are no bad beers in Munich. :p

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