A quick review of this tour

Did the small group, and I am sold on small group tours going forward. Got to spend some time with some great people, and that's as important as the actual trip/sites for me. My wife and I are in our early 60s and we were the youngest in the group by several years...but as I said, the people were just so terrific and were so much fun. Our TD, Rachel, was fantastic...lovely, funny, knowledgeable, etc.

The hotels...all Fairmonts...were nice and each was unique. The locations of each hotel were ideal. Bathrooms were small, but otherwise the rooms were just fine. Chateau Frontenac in QC is absolutely fantastic, as is all of Quebec City.

Unfortunately covid found our group towards the end of the tour...we started noticing some coughing in our group around day 6ish, and a few people claimed to have allergies. I came home and tested positive the following morning...horrible sore throat for a few days and a little cough, but nothing too major. It was my first time with it...my wife somehow didn't get sick. We learned afterwards through some emails with members of our group that more than half of us tested positive. Fortunately I didn't hear of anyone who was too sick, which is great, but that seems to be an assumed risk when traveling these days.

Happy to answer any questions if anyone has any.
Quebec City pictured below:


  • rssherms - Did you find that there was an excessive amount of "free time" on this tour? My interpretation of the itinerary leads me to believe that may be the case, but would be interested in your view after having taken the tour.

  • Let me preface this by saying it was only my second Tauck tour (first one was America's Canyonlands), so my frame of reference is admittedly small. I personally thought there was a good balance, and we had no problem spending time exploring places like Montreal and Quebec City on our own. If I had to nitpick anything (besides the small bathrooms in the hotels), it would be some of the bus rides were a little long (and we hit traffic, which is to be expected with the big cities). But again, to your question, we were in large cities, so the free time wasn't (or didn't have to be) down time. There was plenty to explore within walking distance in every locale.

  • OK - so it sounds like there is an ample amount of free time, but it is not difficult to fill it being in a metropolitan area. Thanks!

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