Religious ed in Israel?

I fortunately found Tauck about a year ago and have been on three trips since. All have been fabulous. I am planning to go to Israel in the fall of 2023 and am considering the Israel/Jordan trip. Also under consideration is touring with a Christian travel group. I did not grow up in the church, but am very interested in learning more about the religious significance and stories associated with the sites in Israel. I may be traveling with my good friends who are very active in their church. How well did the tour guides cover the stories of Jesus that happened around the Sea of Galilee and in Jerusalem? Thanks in advance!


  • I loved my Israel & Jordan trip. The guides were very respectful of all different religious traditions, and did not favor one over the other. Of course, they pointed out where different Biblical stories took place, and often used the phrase, "according to tradition." When we were on the boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, they pointed out the location of Capernaum and the area where, according to the Gospels, Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes and delivered the Sermon on the Mount. I believe that when we were on Temple Mount, the guide explained the significance of the Dome of the Rock in both Jewish and Islamic traditions. When we were in Haifa, we had the opportunity to attend a panel discussion by representatives of 4 faiths: Jewish, Christian, Islamic and Baha'i.

  • similar experiences, and this is one of our top tours. Our TD and all guides were terrific. Very balanced views. It made me want to return. If your friends are active in their faith, they will augment what you hear/see on the tour.

  • I concur with MCD's assessment. It is a wonderful trip that more than adequately covers the religious and historical significance of all the sites visited. But it is not a religious trip and it is not a Christian belief tour of the Holy Land. Equally, it is not a trip with bias towards one belief or another. The tour director did an excellent job of covering the various beliefs and was able to identify what was historical fact and what was "according to tradition." On our tour there were several who were Roman Catholic and they were given adequate opportunity to experience the "site of Jesus' birth" the "crucifixion site" etc etc. And dwell there for personal reflection. But if that was not your cup of tea, then that was OK too. There was also opportunity in Jerusalem to organise self funded tours with local specialist tour guides to explore areas not covered by Tauck. We chose to hire one and went to the old city of David, Zion, "the room of the last Supper" and Gethsemane. If you would like to do that just ask the T.D. to put you in touch with one. They know the best ones to hire to cover your area of interest.

  • I agree with. MCD. This is a fabulous trip that is very historical and archeological. It will give you an appreciation for all three of the worlds great religions that where founded and grew in this small area of the world. In Haifa you’ll be able to walk the gardens of the Baha’i World Conference Center which is beautiful and learn about the Baha’i religion. In Jerusalem, walking the Via Dolorosa is powerful regardless of your religious beliefs. It’s a very culturally rich trip. I’d take it again!

  • Thank you everyone! You have sold me on another Tauck trip. I know I will not be disappointed.

  • My husband and I are heading to Israel and Jordan the end of April. This is our first Tauck tour as we have always been “do it yourself” world travelers in the past. We are keeping an eye on the news in Israel. So looking forward to our next adventure!

  • I am going to Israel and Jordon May 7th, would love to connect with others on the same small group tour

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