The Temporary European by Cameron Hewitt

As I was feeling sorry for myself when our first European vacation since before the pandemic ended in a nasty bout of COVID, my dear wife thrust this book into my hand and said “you need to read this!”. She was right, it’s terrific. Cameron, for lack of a better term, is Rick Steves right hand man. If you’ve read any RS guidebook, you’ve read Camerons words. He has great insights, terrific humor. This book has you sticking your nose under the tent to really see what it’s like to be a guidebook author (spoiler alert: not that glamorous) and have more than a few chuckles at Camerons expense. As most of us Europhiles pack it in for the winter (except for those intrepid souls seeking Christmas markets (I’m thinking you Terrilyn!)) get this book, put on your comfy jammies, throw another log on the fire, and travel a bit more, albeit in someone else’s shoes.


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