Buenos Aires extra time excursion recommendations?

At the end of our tour, we will be in Buenos Aires for a full day before our plane back to America late that evening. Any recommendaiton on things to do?


  • If you like shopping, you might try going to Florida Street in BA. I bought a leather jacket there once that I loved until someone stole it in a Dallas hotel. Lots of activity there in addition to shopping.

  • Yes! We spent two days in Buenos Aires, the day the tour ended, and one additional. One day we hired a private guide (which was surprisingly affordable) who drove us around the city in a car. That drive hit all the major tourist spots, shared with us commentary/history, and gave us time to explore and take photos without having to deal with transportation. Many of the sites we wanted to see were spread out, like Recoleta and La Boca, so it was nice to not stress about how to get everywhere. It was billed as 4hours, but I think we ended up spending closer to 5/6hrs.

    On our second day, we did a food tour which was also scheduled to take about 6hrs. There was some easy walking, lots of good food, but also a lot of information about areas of the city, including a walk in the botanical gardens. More varied and tasty food than on the main tour. This didn't really hit any of the main tourist areas, but took us to a new part of the city and was very chill and relaxed.

    Others in our group walked around the city a bit, going to Recoleta or the opera house that has cheap tours. If you are interested in the opera tour, you can buy them at the location. The hotel had said the English tours were sold out (the alleged last one went to half a couple in our group), but when they went the next day the spouse was easily able to purchase a ticket for the same tour (many were still available), and it was a cheaper price than they had paid for the first ticket via the hotel/pre-booking.

  • We did a private 1/2 day tour, probably similar to PGH. Hit most of the highlights. We had a guide and a driver so that the guide could get out and walk with us. They dropped us in Recoleta for lunch and we ubered back to the hotel. Cost was $90/hour and well worth it. Joanna with Signature Tours was excellent.

  • If you enjoy art museums the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes and the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (the MALBA) house nice collections and if you're interested to see a private collection of eclectic works check out the Coleccion de Arte Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat, located within walking distance of the Buenos Aires Hilton.

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