Small Group Classic Italy May 2023….converters

Any suggestions on what to use for our cell phone chargers and devices. Also, do you get Euros ahead of time (how much)? I would love any other suggestions.


  • Get euros in Italy from an ATM. preferably at a bank.. Most meals/purchases, you should use your credit card. 3-prong, staight line adapter. If you take curling iron, etc. make sure they are rated 230/240v 50/60 hertz. Italy is wonderful.

  • Best bet is to get euro's at an atm at the airport...banks are not open all the time. Also some bank atm's do not offer English directions.

    Have a good trip

  • If you use a curling iron, go to a salon after you arrive and buy one. I have done this a couple times and they are inexpensive and the employees have always been very helpful. Keep it for future trips in Europe where the three prong plug is used. I also get euros at an atm inside a bank.

  • We always have euros(currency of the country if they don't take euro such as Switzerland) before we leave. We do this for cash at the airports including connecting airports or to use before we meet up with Tauck. This is particularly handy because you may run into a bathroom situation that requires upfront payment of 1 or 2 euros. In addition we plan on roughly 15 euro per person for day. We do not use our credit cards at any street vendors or markets or bars. In addition since it is a land tour you will need euros for tips for the TD. I hate having to track down ATMs and the exchange rate is favorable at this time.

  • Like Ben, we never leave home without euros/local currency. I stocked up recently when the exchange rate (US/euro) was equal. It just gives me peace of mind knowing I do not need to track down ATMs.

  • Banks ATM's are usually outside so it does not matter what the day/time is. U will pay more at the airport. U will not need a lot of Euros if u use your credit card for most purchases. Relax and enjoy the trip.

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