Shore excursion recommendations for Legendary Scottish Isles tour

We are scheduled for Taucks Legendary Scottish Isles, Edinburgh & Glasgow tour this May. Today we just received our shore excursion choice selections. There are multiple choices many of which look to be of interest.

We are curious if anyone who has been on this tour has any suggestions or input either good or bad about any of the shore excursions. We realize that everyone has different ideas on what they may consider exciting. Our interests are more toward historical sites, wildlife, scenery and of course Whisky tasting (there appears to be only one excursion that does any Whisky tasting). Things we are not that keen on are standing for an hour or so watching someone weave wool or blow glass etc. and visiting tourist shops and that sort of thing.

The last couple of Tauck tours we have been on I have left my DSLR camera at home and just relied on cell phone pictures. It looks like taking my real camera may be worthwhile on this trip. Any comments on this?


  • Hope to hear from you with a review when you return. I am going in September of this year!

  • We were very happy with our choices. Granted, we had been to Scotland before and had visited the Outer and Inner Hebrides as well as Culloden before. If you have not been to Culloden, then definitely choose that over Loch Ness.
    1. Iona Abbey Walking Tour
    2. Isle of Mull & Duart Castle
    3. Dunvegan Castle and Clan MCLeod
    4. Panoramic ISle of Lewis
    5. Orkney's Neolithic Monuments
    6. Jarlshof and Tammie Norie ( it was hard to choose between this and Mousa Broch...)
    7. Loch Ness Cruise ( if you have not been to Culloden, then do the Culloden Moor and Fort George excursion)

    The days in Glasgow and Edinburgh there were no choices, but the tours were really fabulous. Don;t miss the Royal Yacht , Brittania in Edinburgh if it is not on the tour.

    Have a great time!!!

  • We will be on the May 11 Scottish Isles cruise…

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