Cruising Dutch Waterways -- May 4, 2023 (Tulips?)

This cruise has no reviews for customer insights and no mention of Tulips in the cruise Overview or itinerary. The May 4, "Cruising the Dutch Waterways" will literally occur in the middle of the April-May, Dutch Tulip Season. I've sent a request for info, ie: to what extent will we see Tulip fields from the ship? Awaiting reply. Note: We won't be doing the "bicycle ride" activities, so unless the ship passes flowering areas on the river, we might need to sched a day trip during our early arrival May 1-2 from Amsterdam. ???


  • We scheduled a lovely tour of the gardens with Viator while post cruise several years ago. Well worth it.

  • It looks like Keukenhof Gardens are open until May 14. That’s a perfect place to see tulips and a day trip from Amsterdam would be easy.

  • If you are booking a tour to the Keukenhof Gardens, try to book one with the earliest departure from Amsterdam. My friend and I were on the Holland and Belgium tour in Spring. The tour began on April 22, 2017 which was Day 1 Arrive Amsterdam. Day 2 began with a wake up call at 6:45 am and a departure time was given for
    8:10 am. It was a Sunday and so many people were there and we had to be back to the bus by 11:30 to return to the riverboat. The afternoon was a scheduled canal cruise and a guided tour in the Rijksmusem. I highly recommend buying chocolate at Puccini and having hot chocolate in Puccini‘s small coffee shop. a review of the Dutch Waterways as I have booked this tour in August 2024.$

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