Essence of Japan May 4, 2023

We will be going on the Essence of Japan Tour, May 4, 2023. Anyone else on this tour?


  • WE ARE!!!!

  • Great! We are looking forward to Essence of Japan. We live on Maui so easy trip for us. We originally had it booked for 2020. The only trip we did take during COVID was Egypt/Jordan 11/2021. We had booked it pre COVID. It was with Viking. First time with Viking and it included 7 nites on Nile River. We decided to go for it and it was amazing. No crowds. Instead of 62 guests, we had 32 guests and 20 of us went to Jordan. Perfect weather. The only change was no Israel since they had not opened.

  • Maui!!! How wonderful! We're from NY and Japan is a LOOOOONG trip. But after going with Tauck on a fabulous trip to Portugal in 2022, we are looking forward to Japan!

  • We have been on many TAUCK Tours and have not been disappointed. Always long trips for us from Maui. So looking forward to Japan.

  • Please post your reviews, we are booked for September 2023, most anxious to hear anything about the trip! Thanks

  • Ronald….I just returned a couple of weeks ago, so you can find an earlier review.

  • I am going to sign up for a 2025 tour. did you go to the kabuki theatre or see this on the trip? sometimes Tauck brings in special performances? wondering if I need to really go to the theatre. thanks

  • Amylos, the Kabuki theatre was not included in the tour itself. I snagged tickets for myself and friends on a free night in Tokyo. They don’t perform every night of the year. If you look up Grand Kabuki Tokyo you can probably see a schedule. It was a fascinating experience!

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