Sunday in Venice / 21-May-2023

We arrive in Venice at noon on Sunday and understand the dinners are late evening and everything will be closed in the afternoons. What have people done to fill the time / eat between? Are the reports of Sunday closures accurate? Of 1-3pm siesta closures?
Thank you for recommends!

(Anyone else on the May 21-28 Venice/Florence/Rome?)


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    Stanley Tuccí‘s Searching for Italy episodes are available online or CNN offers on demand episodes. Season 2 Episode 1 is 46 minutes in Venice. (Rome is S1 E2 ) There is so much to do like exploring the smaller canals off the beaten path, take public transportation (boats) or a gondola ride. Google pickpockets in Venice and Rome and dress to blend in and observe on Stanley‘s episodes how the Italians are dressed. Pickpockets have been trained to observe Americans in popular tourists areas. Wear clothing-vests, jackets, raincoats, etc with inside pockets where your credit cards, cash and phone are concealed. White sneakers can be substituted for
    comfortable walking shoes and I have a small black Liz Claiborne pocketbook with 2 handles and a long shoulder strap in which is ok for other personal items such as tissues known as the ˋdummy bag ´.The pickpocket if it’s stolen gets only tissues. I was fortunate to have lived in Austria and had the opportunity to visit Venice 3 times in one year with relatives who visited me in Austria. Wishing you all the best.

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    The tourist areas of Venice will be very alive and full of people on Sunday afternoon. Cafes in tourist areas will be open as well. And without looking up others, I know that 2 excellent museums--the Peggy Guggenheim and the Accademia are open on Sunday (neither are covered in the tour).

    St. Marks, Rialto, and all the main tourist areas are easy walks from your excellent hotel (presuming it is the Ca'di Dio). A good alternative stroll during your Venice stay is to walk from your hotel up to Garibaldi Street and explore that area. It is less touristy, yet full shops, cafes, parks, and interesting neighborhoods.

    If you are jet-lagged and just want to grab an informal, yet tasty "street" meal consider going hunting for Dal Moro's. It is in a tight maze of streets near the Rialoto Bridge, and you will have as much fun trying to find it as you will enjoying the hot, freshly made pasta they will serve you in a paper container. But there are many places to eat that will be open (including your hotel's kitchen).

    By the way, expect it to take 90 or more minutes to go from exiting your plane to entering your hotel room. You have to get through immigration, collect your bags, meet the Tauck person and walk with them out to the docks. From there the very fun water taxi ride takes 30-40 minutes. Finally is check-in and hotel orientation stuff. I think you will find the afternoon flies by quickly.

    It is a great tour! Enjoy.

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    If you are in Venice when a Mass is being said at St. Mark's go into the church. During the Mass they light up the entire interior which makes the mosaics shine. Even if you do not want to attend the Mass take a seat in the back and enjoy the beauty of the church. Other times when you go, either they are having you move quickly or the lights are not on in all parts of the church.

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