Train from Prague to Nurenberg

We are going on the Nov 29th Christmas Markets cruise. We are thinking of visiting Prague before boarding the ship. Has anyone taken the train from Prague to Nurenberg? Should we leave a day early or can we make the 5:30 pm departure if we leave Prague on the 29th? We don't want to miss our departure time. Thanks everyone!!


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    The average journey according to trainline.com is 6 hours and 25 minutes. This website has a great deal of information which may help you make a decision. Whenever possible I usually arrive a day earlier before any Tauck tour. You can’t predict delays with public transportation. In December of 2011, my 82 year old mother and I traveled 1 day earlier to Nürnberg to acclimate. She was grateful for this and enjoyed strolling at her own pace. This river cruise is the best. Have a great time!

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