Time on the bus for Canada's eastern capital cities tour

Does anyone who has done this tour in the past know approximately how long the bus rides are between the four capitals?


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    I believe the longest bus ride was between Toronto and Ottawa, but it was broken up by a lake cruise. I enjoy bus rides so I really don't pay attention to time. Besides, the countryside and frequent stops/excursions were pleasurable. We loved this tour. Enjoy.

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    We haven't been on this tour but have family in Canada and have driven all three legs. The time between cities depends upon whether they take the highway or smaller roads and what sights they plan on seeing along the way. According to our Rand-McNally road atlas Toronto to Ottawa is 263 miles, Ottawa to Montreal is 128 miles and Montreal to Quebec City is 158 miles.

    The hotels on this trip are all Fairmonts. I have a preference for Ottawa and Quebec City because they are small cities. The Chateau Laurier in Ottawa is adjacent to Parliament Hill and walkable to markets and the art museum. The old town of Quebec City is like a European city. You can find some really nice French Canadian restaurants.

    Every place in the northeast is close to each other. If you are coming from the West or the Midwest you don't realize how close everything is. The distance between NYC and Boston is just over 200 miles.

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    Thank you both for the comments. Yes, I live in the west, California and yes, everything is far apart. Looking forward to this trip and visiting relatives who moved from Buffalo to Toronto. Weather there has been beastly hot, 99 degrees in Montreal today. Glad that it looks like a cooling trend when we get there after June 13. Hope it stays that way!

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    Hopefully you won't be impacted by the smoke from the Nova Scotia fires. It appears the wind is driving the smoke into the eastern seaboard of the United States. Regardless, have a wonderful tour and please consider posting a review of your experiences when you return.

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    We have just purchased N95 masks from Amazon and are bringing them with us. I checked Pearson International airport today and flights are not impacted. At least it has cooled off since last week. I sure will post my experience when I return. We have our own problems with not only fires but mudslides here in Southern California so we are somewhat unfortunately used to this.

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    If you haven't gone on this trip yet and are concerned about the air, you need to be more concerned about the Quebec fires than those in Nova Scotia. Look at the weather forecasts for all four cities before you leave. They will indicate, it the fires will be a problem in any of the cities.

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