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Received digital correspondence today (re Iceland trip) from Tauck entitled "Personal Travel Documents". As encouraged, I read all the 23 pages and noticed on page 8 under the heading "Clothing and Packing Suggestions" the following in part.... "you are expected to wear face coverings in all group settings". I called to inquire about dining. The Tauck person was surprised at the language particularly that it was lawyerly hidden under suggested clothing and packing. She checked with her supervisor after opining that the masking issue had changed. She found that it was still a requirement encouraging me to bring a mask to be safe.

Be flexible!!


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    I did a small amount of research and learned that masks are ‘recommended’ at indoor settings and on public transportation in Iceland. Apples and oranges thing, but we just returned from Spain and Portugal after doing the Douro. No one wore masks after the first day when I saw a couple. One person in our group of seventy four got covid and had to leave he tour on the first day on the Andorinha.

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