Grand Canadian Rockies Tour

edited June 2023 in Canada

Looking for comments about the May 2023 tour. Did you need anything special when you walked in the Glacier? Any helpful hints that aren’t listed on the site? Thank you


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    edited June 2023

    I took this tour in 2014, so my experience is not recent. However, nothing special is required for walking on the glacier other than footwear with good traction. You are not on ice but, rather, compacted snow and you don't have to walk out far if you do not feel comfortable. This is a wonderful tour full of stunning natural beauty and the Fairmont hotels are equally stunning.

    Given the ravages of global warming, hopefully someone from the recent tour can offer additional insight pertaining to the condition of the glacier.

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    edited June 2023

    Thank you. The first tour of 2023 was just last week, I don't think they are back yet to post any updates

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    Hello again. Anyone back from the Grand Canadian Rockies Tour 2023 with any comments or helpful hints? We are going in July

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