Essence of Japan

Experience on this trip 2023 and how country is dealing with pent up demand by tourist since spring.
How comfortable id the pace of the trip in hot weather?
How much Japanese currency shoid someone arrive with?
Any tips or advice?


  • I went on this tour this past April. Tokyo is a crowded city in general, but the rest of the tour was normal crowds. We visited at the end of cherry blossom time, and saw quite a few in the mountains. The pace of the trip was medium….all transport with buses and high speed trains. Being a land tour, there are a number of one night stays, which does not allow much down time. There is a fair amount of walking, but not that challenging, unless there are lots of hills. I am in my early 70’s and had no problem.

  • We always get local currency at the arriving airport. How much you should get depends on what you want to do, As an example, we came a day early and took taxis to a couple of places. You will probably buy some water or snacks. Also, at some of the sights, you will see merchants who do not take credit cards. Best to get ca $100 of local currency (10-15,000 Yem).

    Enjoy the trip, it is very good

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