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For those who have Global Entry ~ This new, free app by the TTP allows you to bypass the Global Entry kiosks on arrival & go straight to an Officer for processing. It's only good at 7 airports for now, but the plan is to extend it in the future.



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    Thx Terrilynn. We’re returning thru LAX in November from our Australia/New Zealand trip. This will be a big timesaver. (Hopefully for both of us it will come to CLT and RDU soon!)

  • Thank you terrilynn!

  • Thank you Terrilynn. Not yet at ORD, Returning ORD in October.

  • Thanks for posting. Not yet at my airport, either.

    However, Global Entry has been much more streamlined in the last year or so. Now, they just scan your face at the kiosk. I haven't needed to scan my passport or answer any questions for over a year.

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    Ditto - For upcoming Essence of SA tour I will be returning through DFW, and it isn't one of the magic 7. Next year I'll be returning through SEA and it is one of the 7 so I should able to try it then.

  • Thanks Terrilyn unfortunately I never have international flight entries at Orlando airport, is usually Atlanta or New York.

  • Thanks for sharing. They need more airports. Boston did not make the list.

  • Either did SFO.

  • Excellent news. Now if my luggage came quickly, I would be thrilled.

  • You are right Jim. We breeze through passport control and then often wait an hour for bags at Philly No one tell me having priority labels on your bag helps, it doesn’t!

  • Over last few years, priority labels have helped me on all trips except one (Japan), and Cairo, I never got my bag :( . As a matter of fact, on my recent ESW trip, my trip home from LHR to DEN, my bag came out first! Only time that ever happened. I still had to wait at the carousel about 20 mins after exiting immigration.

  • Interesting news. We leave this Wednesday from Miami and return on 10/13. After reading everything about this app, I’m not sure there is any advantage? Maybe I will download it and try it, just to report back to everyone?

  • We came off a cruise in late 2022. We carried off our bags. We were in Ft Lauderdale and our global entry was just a face short. Very fast

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    I downloaded the app but am wondering how much time this will actually save. In June we came in through Seattle, which has a brand new international arrivals hall. We have Global Entry and there was no wait for a kiosk then on to an agent who said are you Mr. John S…. then whisked me through without any further questions. Same with Mrs. S. It remains to be seen how much time this will actually save.

    The line for those without Global Entry was probably 100+ long. Our Global Entry has more than paid for itself. Our Global Entry is due for renewal next year which we will definitely do.

  • JohnS - I downloaded the app but am wondering how much time this will actually save.

    I agree, but it's there just in case the kiosks are real busy.

  • The kiosks are fast when they are working. We arrived at LAX last year and half were down. I'll use the app the next time I fly into an airport that's using it.

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