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    Marla526 I concur. I just traveled in January with Crystal (12 prior voyages before the new ownership) and the service, food, accommodations, lectures, and excursions curated by A&K were better then ever! Fabulous. Love Tauck for their land tours and small ship cruises. (180 to Iceland on Ponent.)
    Here's to Traveling!

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    @Stellie thank you!!! Thrilled to hear that Crystal is back on top. We travel October 2025 from Barcelona to Lisbon, with a few stops in places we have never been, including Morocco. Now considering a possible addition in the first half of next year, but we will see.

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    Marla 526 - I love your post. Yes, travel has changed. Gone are the days of backpacks and Europe on Five Dollars a Day. My husband no longer wants to drive in Europe so for us tours are the way to go. While Road Scholar offers great art, history, and culture in their tours, Tauck has them beat with superior hotels and Tauck's land tours offer better dining.

    We've found that a happy compromise between our twenties and now is to add extra time before and/or after a tour.

    I agree with you about Turkiye - such a great country for touring (and there were just 8 of us on our Road Scholar tour).

    Barcelona - every time we return to that city we check out the progress of The Sagrada Familia. It's supposed to be complete in 2026 so you will be able to see it mostly finished.

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