French Escapade 2024

We are on the French Escapade Tour leaving April 17, 2024. Looking for any insight, tips and/or fellow travelers. Thank you!


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    We took this tour in April of last year. It was one of our favorites, great Tauck team who took care of a few Scylla staff issues at the beginning (we were the first trip of the season).

    If you’re staying at the Intercontinental Grand in Paris, be sure to tour the Opera Garnier which is right next door. There’s a nice bistro, Le Capucine, a short walk from the hotel. Pick up some food for the train ride at the Galleries Lafayette just a few blocks away.

    The river cruise is terrific. Go on all the excursions they offer; my husband did the bike rides and really enjoyed them, but a bit strenuous. At the end, you’ll be bussed to Cannes and have a few land tours. There’s a nice casual restaurant next to the hotel, great pizza and other Italian food.

    You’ll love this trip.

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    This is a fabulous trip and we absolutely enjoyed it this past summer. We loved the excursions and the riverboat was incredible. There were a couple of hiccups. We had 3 TDs and they always seemed at odds with one another. Our farewell dinner in Paris was at Fouquets. It should have been a lovely evening. However, the only entree served was sea bass. I can't eat fish and it was noted on my information. The hostess handled it poorly and the TD wasn't much better. I was eventually served cold pasta. It was a shame that the trip ended on such a sour note.

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    If that was the farewell dinner, you may have completed your "hope and trust" card before then. I hope that you reported this to Tauck, which does not monitor this Forum. That's absolutely unacceptable!

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    Yes it was the farewell dinner and I had completed my hope and trust card. I sent a letter to Tauck explaining the issue.

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    Tauck is very good about resolving problems. We sent a letter in and got a call back within a couple of days

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