Coat for Best of Ireland Tour

I will be traveling on the Best of Ireland Tour late April through mid-May. I am trying to make a wardrobe decision. My options are a raincoat that hits above the knee or a raincoat that hits mid calf. Both are lined and have hoods. Considering the wind and rain, I'm wondering if the longer coat would be better. If anyone has travelled during this time and has any advice, please feel free to share!


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    Although I have not taken this specific tour, I spend much time in Northern Europe. I would take the longer coat, especially if you are anticipating rain and winds. If you are concerned about luggage constraints, you can take the coat on the airplane and have a flight attendant hang it for you.

    I would love to hear your thoughts of the trip. Please consider posting a review afterwards. Enjoy!

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    I took that tour in May in 2018. Weather was fairly comfortable, perhaps toward warm. We had some rain but not a lot. I didn't find the tour to be that interesting and we skipped a few excursions to play golf at about three of the places we stayed - that had golf courses. Good golf courses and club and buggy rent was not that expensive.

    My father was Irish so I thought I'd feel some kinship with the "old country" but no.

    [Added note: We had the worse tour director we ever experienced on a Tauck tour on that tour - so that didn't help.]

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    I grew up in Ireland and usually April and May were chilly and we had lots of rain.  However, I find it more and more difficult to predict the weather in any country.  Ireland is green for a reason.

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