Attire for Madrid Opening Reception & beyond

We are on the Madrid to Lisbon cruise of the Douro River this August. The opening reception & dinner in Madrid looks lovely. I'm wondering if I need a jacket & tie for this event or any part of the trip? I don't mind wearing them but dislike the luggage space a jacket consumes.


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    It going to be so hot in August, I doubt a jacket could be tolerated.

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    Some men will likely be wearing them but it's not required. Every Tauck tour has a packing list and for this tour is says coat/tie are optional. My husband typically wears a nice dress shirt and slacks for the special dinners on tour. Women usually wear a nice top and dress slacks or a dress if they are more comfortable with that. As British said, the weather will be warm so even if men wear their jacket to the dinner they'll likely remove them to be comfortable.

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    Thank you British and Claudia. Regards, Rich D

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    We took the same trip last November, in the opposite direction. Our opening reception in Lisbon was on a cold rainy night (the only bad weather on the entire glorious trip) and more than half of the gents had sport coats. Fewer had ties. I tried to post a couple photos of the evening, but for some reason it isn’t working.

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    RickS, fyi how many men wore jackets at the farewell dinner? My experience is you see the most at the welcome dinner and some of the special location dinners, but by the farewell there will only be a handful.

    If we're on a tour where the weather will be cooler my husband usually brings a nice V-neck sweater for warmth and maybe a tie.

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    edited March 7

    This was in May not August.

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    Claudia, your observation is correct: the farewell dinner was more casual. Also, in the hotel rather than a lavish venue so that may have prompted some to dress down.

    After five river and ocean trips with Tauck, we have booked back-to-back land tours with Tauck in Italy this spring. We will have extra time on our own (and lugging our own bags) so I m tempted to leave the blazer at home. I hope a v neck sweater and a tie will be dressy enough.

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    Gosh, these photos are getting me excited about our trip! Thanks for the photos and the additional thoughts related to my posting.

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