Included flights over the National Parks

Although the brochure itinerary doesn't specify it, I imagine that while we are aloft gazing at the wonders below, our luggage is making its way over land to the next destination via the bus?

That would suggest we only have to take, perhaps, a small day pack with us on the plane? You know, for all the things ladies need All the time, like spare camera batteries, spare memory card, water, lipstick, sun screen (In a plane? You never know!), tissues, brain surgery kit..... just the normal, everyday basics.

Does anyone have the answer, please? Just to the luggage part. I fear the stuff in my day pack is beyond solving.....




  • This was the flight where carry-on baggage was placed into the plane's baggage-holding cavity. I should have held onto my camera case on the fly-over of the Capital Dome National Park; it was very interesting and I should have photographed it. I DID cling to my camera case for the longer flight around and around the Grand Canyon, along the Colorado River, over the Hoover Dam and onward to Las Vegas. (What a great flight!!) But alas! I should have carried extra disks for the Handycam; all ninety minutes aloft were worthy of being captured to DVD. I used up all of my media too fast.
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