Any unusual issues concerning money, credit cards, ATMs or travelers checks to worry about on this tour?


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    The currency in Peru is the Sole. You will be able to change money at the airport in Lima or at the front desk of the Miraflores Park Hotel or at ATMs located in the mall a short walk from the hotel. The accepted currency aboard the Isabela II is US dollars. Shipboard accounts aboard the Isabela II may be paid by cash or credit cards. Many places do charge a fee for changing travelers checks. Contact your bank in advance of departure to determine whether you will be able to use your cards at locations abroad. Please note that the hotels are unable to exchange large amounts of currency.

    US dollars are accepted for purchases throughout Ecuador. It is suggested to bring small denomination bills ($1’s, $5’s & $10’s) for shopping at the markets, as they are accepted and welcomed by the local Ecuadorian economy. In Peru and Equador new crisp bills are preferred as some locals will not accept bills
    printed before 1996.

    The only hotel with an ATM machine on this tour is the Hilton Colon Guayaquil. However, there are ATM machines available periodically within the tour. The tour director can advise the best.

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