From Versailles to Paris and not get lost

I have found the Tauck desk most unhelpful on getting directions to get from Versailles to Paris during the two extra days we have before the tour begins. We'd like to get to the Eiffel Tour (we think it is a stop on RER route C, but we've been cautioned that one can get lost because RER branches out in various directions. Also we'll get our extra Versailles admissions by going to the web site at the suggestion of another traveler.

Has Tauck started putting uninformed personnel on their phone lines? We are staring Tour 16 with Tauck but questions about the housing, transportation and just in general get us a "I'm not sure" or "I'll check and get back to you". This is making us uneasy.


  • Try this websidte for excellent directions, in English, for the metro system. www.ratp.Fr/itineraires. we used it and had no trouble at all. Do beware of pickpockets on the metro-4 peole on our tour had the misfortune of having this happen to them.
  • While I understand your frustration, Tauck seems to be a tour company, not a travel agency. They can help you with their tours, but anything outside of that I would consider a bonus and not expect them to know, especially regarding public transportation in France. Their responsibility begins when you get to the airport or hotel at the start of the trip. I would not expect them to be responsible for getting you to Paris. For more information on getting to Paris, you can contact a travel agent or look on the internet, or hopefully someone here will be able to help you. I'm sorry I can't provide any specific information for your situation.
  • My travel agent with American Express helped me with all of these arrangements as we will also have two days in Paris prior to beginning our tour in Versailles. I suggest you go that route.
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