Anyone going on this trip? Curious as to thoughts on the current environment...


  • Not on your tour but scheduled for the Oct 22 one. I would think /hope if there is increased security concerns Tauck would not start these tours. I know every question you are asking yourself but I don't have the answers.
  • Thanks. Disappointed that no one has proactively reached out to us customers.
  • The situation is pretty fluid. I wouldn't think Tauck would be saying anything until they actually have viable information. What good are platitudes at this time? As soon as they have concrete information, I'm sure Tauck will be in touch with their clients.


  • We are going on Oct. 22 and I trust that Tauck will not take us if they feel it is not safe. I have called the Tauck office and talked to them. If you have questions, call.
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