We are taking this trip beginning the last week of June. I'm assuming the weather will be fairly warm at that time. Are shorts acceptable for daytime on this trip? I personally find them comfortable. In Italy there were some days when shorts couldn't be worn because of visiting churches. Is that a problem in France? Are there any other suggestions about weather, clothing to bring, etc?


  • Fred,

    No Problem. Shorts will be fine during the day, though June does have the possibility for a little rain(we had a day or two). The first part of the tour is along the coast, so expect coastal type weather. This is not the Medditeranean, so it will be a little cooler here. I'm a shorts guy as well and had no issues. You can always layer if you have too. There are also stops where you can have a few pieces of laundry done if need be. This is a terrific trip. Hotels great, food superb.
  • Thanks very much, John. That's exactly what I wanted to know. Fred
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