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We had hoped to take an Escapade trip in Category 5 or 6, but on our preferred date all cabins were sold out except Category 1. Is there anyone who could advise on the differences between the accommodations? Or are you spending so much time in the public spaces that room size is not an issue?

At this point we're stuck with a choice between taking what's available on our preferred date, or finding another date or tour :-(.

Thanks for your advice. Looking forward to being a first time Tauck traveler.


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    Hi Southcove,

    Gosh, is this a loaded question! ;) I'll reply this way. It depends on your motives for taking this trip.

    If your preferred date really is the only date that works for you because it has to fit in with other travel plans or you're travelling from, say, Australia or New Zealand and these dates are just right, well, I'd say go with the dates that work for you. If you chose category 5/6 because that's how you'd like to travel ... I might suggest you see if they can offer you category 4, or possibly even 3. Category 6 cabins are roughly the size of 2 cat. 3 cabins. If you look at the deck plan you'll see what I mean. You'll have more room to loll about in on the top cabin deck. Having said that, the public spaces on the boats are very comfortable and varied in style ... indoor, outdoor, casual at the back of the boat and more sophisticated lounge style at the front. The sun deck is lovely, too. If you can be a little more flexible with the dates and the next trip has a 5/6 or 4 available, then why not do that.

    All said, the cabins are lovely. I didn't check to see how long your particular cruise is, in case cabin fever might be an issue! I did the Amsterdam to Bucharest cruise and didn't learn to hate my cat.3 cabin at all in nearly 3 weeks. I travel solo, though, so I don't have to share my bathroom with anyone!

    Whatever you decide, you will have a wonderful experience.


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    Hi, we've taken two Tauck river boat trips in a cat. 3 cabin. Small, but adequate. Didn't need any more space since we were so busy sightseeing. The cabins in cat. 1 are down on the botton deck at the water line. They are the same size as our cabin but have small windows. If you have any problems going down a spiral staircase, don't take a cat. 1. The elevstor does not go down there. We have been on 18 Tauck tours and love the wonderful tours we have experienced with them. Either waitlist and see if there is a cancellation or pick another adventure with Tauck. The river boat trips fill up fast since they only take 112 passengers. Go to youtube and put in Tauck European river boats and view some of the videos.

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    We did this trip this past Sept. we were on the Ruby Deck, category 3, which has a French balcony. I believe the category one cabin has a small, high window just above the water line. Can you live with that? As far as room size goes, you will have to ask Tauck since the posted material on the ship gives the layout, but does not say what size each category is. It was a great trip!
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