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We are booked for the South Africa Elegant Adventure tour leaving April 26, 2013. We will need to charge our cameras and laptop computer during the trip. Do we need to bring our own adapter plugs or are they provided in the hotels during the tour?


  • Hello traveler115,

    Voltage in the hotels is 220 - 230 V. If you plan on bringing electrical devices with you, it is suggested that you bring an electrical converter with adapter plug set, as some overnight properties may not have this equipment. The socket configurations vary between two and three pronged variety, so please bring the entire set of adapters with you.

    Here is a website that you may find helpful:

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  • I did this trip in October and definitely needed the plug adapter for South Africa (three prong). Most cameras, tablets, etc. are wired for 120/220 and will convert the electricity so I did not need a converter but check your equipment before you get there. Also, a different plug is needed for Zimbabwe - I did not have that and could not buy it in South Africa but I charged everything to the max before leaving Johannesburg and that covered the two days in Zimbabwe. If you need to charge every day, be sure to get the adapter plugs for both countries.
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