A Week in London and Paris Tour, May 26, 2013

We will be taking the above tour and will be arriving 2 days early. We would like to take a tour to Stonehenge and Bath before the Taulk Tour starts. Does anyone have any recommendations for tours? Have done some research and the Evan Evans tour seems good. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



  • We are taking that tour on July 14th. Also arriving early (one day) and staying late (two days in Paris). I don't have any advice for you, but I'd loved see your trip report upon your return - plus any tips you can share!

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    You may want to reconsider Stonehenge. It's a long way to go and you can't go right up to the stones. It's right next to a major road (A344), so you don't get that "back in the stone age feel." Take a look at the satellite view on Google maps to see what I mean. If you want to see a prehistoric stone circle up close, consider Avebury Circle, 90mi from London. Bath is great, but consider taking the train, unless you have mobility issues. An easy day trip from London and you can walk to the sights. Other day trips from London to consider: Brighton - a seaside resort with a Victorian pleasure pier. Home to the Brighton Pavilion, George IV's spectacular pleasure palace. Portsmouth - Home to the Royal Navy. See Admiral Nelson's flagship, HMS Victory, as well as the remains of the Mary Rose which dates from Henry VIII's reign. Interesting naval museums, as well. Both Portsmouth and Brighton are easy day trips by train. You can also take a boat on the Thames downstream to Greenwich or upstream to Kew Gardens or Hampton Court Palace. Frankly, I'd do any of these trips rather than going to Stonehenge. Much more to see and do.
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    We have been fortunate to travel to London about six or seven times and I fully agree with Ken from Vegas. He has given you great advice. Pass on Stonehedge. Everytime we go to London, I search for new places to visit. I would add to his list the Churchill War Rooms and the Royal Mews which is where the Queen's carriages and coaches are housed with the horses and is next to Buckingham Palace. You can do these two the same day. We took a boat ride to Greenwich which is 8 miles down the River Thames from London. The Maritime Museum was a wonderful experience in British History.


  • Excellent advice/suggestions from Ken from Vegas and ScorpioS. I definitely will file it away for future reference re London trips. I would hope that more folks might give details on other Tauck related tours, such as Ken and ScorpioS have done here, which is a big help in planning pre- and post- stays at tour(s) locations.
  • Look online for the London Pass...it will give you some other suggestions in addition the great ones above. We spent two extra days in London after the England, Scotland, and Wales trip. We also went there on our own a few years before and the London Pass gets you into some sights and can be tagged with a Tube pass. It saves money, or at least breaks even, and gets you out of the ticket buying queue.
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