Computer on Riverboat

First, I am not, repeat not, a computer person but I have read that there is a computer for guests to use onboard. Are you able to send and receive emails? Is there a charge and if there is, what is the amount? If you used the computer on your trip, how was it? Thanks for any info, Peppy


  • Hi Peppy,

    The ms Swiss Sapphire has complimentary internet access in the aft of the ship, and yes, you will be able to send and receive emails on the on-board computer.

  • Thanks for the info, Peppy
  • Could you tell us if in Swiss Saphire we have wifi in the cabin, please? We are travelling with our notebook. Thank you, very much!
  • Yes, there is wi-fi in the cabins and there is a computer for passenger use ... in the aft lounge, if you don't have your own computer.
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