Trip was outstanding

Just finished the Grand Australia and New Zealand adventure. What an outstanding experience. Thank you Greg Dickie --- you are a super tour director.


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    So glad you had a good time! Not than I'm surprised ... I know ... I'm biased. Isn't New Zealand stunning? See, I'm just regionally biased. ;)

    Hope you can come back on down sometime.


  • Thinking about going next February. Any hints or suggestions?
  • When you take tour of the Sydney Opera house you can get tickets to performance at half price.
  • Hi Bama Girl,

    February or March should give you good weather ... as compared to December & New Year ... with slightly more stable weather. Considering the vast distances you are covering in such a short time, it's almost impossible to generalise. But, if you can try to avoid the worst of the rainy/cyclone season for the tropical north, the extreme desert heat of the Red Centre and the contrariness of Melbourne's very hot/not so warm/rainy/dry/all in one day December - January weather pattern .... why wouldn't you! And February and March should be lovely in New Zealand, too. Just be sure to work all this out with Mother Nature, okay?

    Any time is a good time to visit. It depends on where you are going. With a continent that is bigger than the lower 48, you can understand how varied the weather can be over the country. It is a juggling act, which is why I generally suggest you choose the "shoulder" seasons if you can. If you were only visiting the southern states, or the north ... whatever ... I would suggest other times of year.

    Good choice! I have never understood why people would travel all this way for such a short time only to time their visit for the worst of the cyclone season over December/January ... particularly when there are much nicer times to visit. I guess you would choose December/January if you were visiting family. Any time of year is good for that!



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