Anyone going to the family tour in Aug 2013?

Family of four with two young sons going to Tanzania. Just interested to say hi to fellow travellers.


  • Sorry - Booked on July 28th with a 10 year old boy and getting just a little exited!!
  • We are booked on July 28-AUgust 9 2013 trip and will be 2 adults and one 10 year old girl. (She is a tomboy though and will get along with your boy.) ANyone get advice from Dr yet about yellow fever vaccine and antimalarials? I would love to hear they are not necessary on winter, but will take them if it's advisable.
  • Hi - delighted to hear that. One of Cameron's best friends is a girl, so no worries there! We have had to change our plans a little which ironically has changed our medical plans. We live in Barbados but are having a break in UK first - our BA flight from UK has been changed by 20 mins which means we no longer have a legal connection so we now have to overnight in Nairobi Kenya on Saturday
    Kenya requires a yellow fever certificate for entry - Tanzania does not.
    Ref: malaria - we have been to Africa several times before but the last time being 15 years ago - in those days malaria tablets made you very ill. My doctor assures me there is a new one, that is also suitable for Cameron which you only have to take a f.ew days before you arrive and two weeks after you get back. I can get you the name if you like?
    Relieved to know there is someone else Cameron's age. Have you been with Tauck before? We have been on numerous Disney adventures but never tauck.

  • Yes, we have travelled with Tauck many times. We took the Tauck Bridges Danube River Cruise with the kids and they had a great time! Tauck finds you the best of the best, and the kids quickly find each other and have instant friends, at least that is what happened on the Danube trip. We will see a travel doctor next week and I hope she will have the "easy" antimalarial in mind as I don't want to travel all this way and just be sick! What do you think one should bring to buy souveniers, etc? I hear traveler's checks don't work well and neither do credit cards, but I hate to carry a lot of cash. We are flying LA-Amsterdam-Arusha (Kilimanjaro) on a Dutch airline to avoid going to other countries in Africa. We have to arrive in Arusha early and we have to spend a night in Amsterdam but that is no sacrifice. Have not been to Amsterdam in 40 years but remember it as delightful.
  • We are going on Aug 11, 2013 with Grandchildren ages, girl 17 yrs and boy almost 15.
    They are cousins, not siblings. Both love animals. Boy has no fear of anything.
    Girl will be senior in H S next yr.
  • Hi:
    We are booked on the Aug. 11 Family Safari in Tanzania - Grandmother, grandfather and 13 1/2 year old granddaughter. We did a Tauck tour in S. AFrica a few years ago and loved it and got hooked on Safaris.
    We can't wait!
    PS - we never got shots or took anti-malaria meds ( which can have terrible side-effects). We have traveled all over the world -India, Egypt, Zimbabwe, the Amazon, and on and have never had a problem.
  • Taking the July 28 -Aug. 8 Family Safari with four older grandchildren, two boys, two girls ages 20, 17, 15 and 15. We are all very excited. Getting in the night before the safari starts. We are traveling from Dallas, Texas. Looking forward to meeting our group. I have traveled with grandchildren on Tauk before - excellent.
  • Folks
    Not sure how many of you check Trip advisor but there have been numerous posts recently regarding yellow fever inoculations. In some recent cases .... a couple of weeks ago the plane was checked at disembarkation (foot of the plane steps) and those persons entering Tanzania without a yellow fever certificate were given the inoculation at the airport.....then and there, for a fee.
    If you don't wish to run the risk or the hassle with child think it would be advisable to get the injections and certificate before you leave for Africa? In the main I believe it is those persons entering from another african country...... but suggest you double check the unofficial web sites before making a one person arriving from amsterdam wrote...... great way of making cash... when the cash flow is running low???
    See you on the 28th July......looking forward to it.

  • We are a group of 11 booked for the July 30 - August 9th. A Tanzania Grand Family Safari
    (It was added to their schedule due to the overwhelming popularity of the safari trips this season)

    It's my parents 50th wedding anniversary; it's always been their dream for all of us to go on safari together & we are all very excited. We will have a girl age 6, and 3 boys ages 9, 16 & 21 in our group of 11. Most of us are just now getting around to the clothes and shots prep for the trip. We are getting the shots from an organization called Passport Health; they are nation wide. It seems they are the only one-stop-for-all-shots-needed location.
    5 of us are from the Dallas, Texas area and 6 are from the Scottsdale, Arizona area.
  • Is anyone going on the Grand Family Safari beginning the 18th of August?
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