Arriving on Easter Sunday

We are looking forward to the April 1 tour and will be arriving in Melbourne on the morning of March 31. Since that is Easter Sunday, we were wondering if there are restaurants near the hotel that will be open that day. I think there was mention of a food court behind the hotel. Is that likely to be open? Any suggestions of things we can do that afternoon to keep from going to bed?


  • I took the free shuttle to figure out the town. It is easy walking distance on the otherside of the river. There is a mall behind the hotel and a casino easy walking distance. There should be somethings open. In US not sure the stores are closed for Easter Sunday.
  • Thank you, crackers! In U.S. a lot of stores and restaurants are open. Not so true in Europe. So wasn't sure about Australia. Hopefully we can manage to stay up!
  • Hi Regency,

    As a local girl I thought I'd offer some assistance.

    Here, you will often find that Good Friday is the day when trading is curtailed. When you arrive on Easter Sunday you will find many shops and mostly all the restaurants in the area immediately adjacent to your hotel will be open. The National Gallery of Victoria, which is very close to your hotel, will be open. I did just check online, but the Easter trading hours for the major department stores weren't available. I'm assuming the normal Sunday hours of 10 am to 6 pm will apply. I am sure that, drooping eyelids permitting, you can manage to be fed, watered, relaxed, entertained and enlightened in Melbourne on Easter Sunday all without wearing out too much pre-tour shoe-leather.



  • Don't forget to check with the Langham as to when your room will be ready for occupancy.
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    Langham was really good they had all rooms ready no matter what time we arrived.
  • Thanks for the encouragement, jdurkin! I'm getting more excited by the minute!
  • Sure hope having rooms ready holds true for us. I'm sure we'll feel pretty grungy after traveling for 24 hours.
  • The Langham did not have rooms ready for most of those arriving a day early approximately 6 weeks ago. We rested by the pool fornearly 2.5 hours.
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