We woke this morning in Melbourne, a sister city to Boston, to some very sad and terrible news. What can anyone say at a time like this? It might just help a tiny bit to know that many hearts are with you from across the ocean.



  • Jan,

    This was such a nice post to see. Thanks for thinking of us in Boston. Very scary to say the least!

  • Kathy, I've been watching the news this morning, which is something I rarely do since I'm a radio type of person. I thought I knew the area effected and I do. I remember from my last trip to Boston that the marathon ends at Copley Square. I have the photo of the rabbit & the hare, but I was somehow hoping that I was wrong, that I didn't know the area. Both explosions appear to border the Public Library, a place I know well.;) I was hoping that if I didn't really know the area it would seem more remote to me. Strange the things that come to you when you're upset. It will be a bitter sweet visit for me, back to Boston, this July.

    What a terrible thing ... on Patriots' Day, too.

  • Yes Jan, you know the exact area, right near the BPL. I'm still shocked that this happened and today of all days when so many people are visiting Boston for the marathon. Some of the photos of the victims are gruesome, my heart goes out to everyone affected. It will be interesting to see the developments over the next few days. :-(
  • Know the town well, my daughter was the pastry chef at No 9 Park, walked many times in the area of the bombing
  • I took the Tauck Classic New England tour a couple of years ago and we stayed at the Westin Copley Place which is about a block from the finish line. I spent two extra days there so got to know the area fairly well. It really makes it feel closer to home. My thouhts are with all who were there!
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