June 8th trip

North to Alaska, not just,a movie and song title.
My family is getting ready for the trip leaving anchorage on June 8 th for my wife and son first trip to Alaska for me a return to a place I have not seen since 1968 (my dad has already told me I will not recognize it )
We are on our 4 th Tauck bridges tour are there any other June 8 th Alaska travelers out there? Have you traveled with Tauck bridges before? Perhaps we have met? We have done the patriots tour, the cowboy tour (heading west) and the red rocks tour, now Alaska. Hope to hear form any of you, in any case see you at dinner on the 8th
North to Alaska!!!!!!!!!


  • I know that you asked about anyone going on this trip but I am doing my first Bridges tour this summer to the Red Rocks area. I was wondering if you could tell me something about it. In particular what types of activities did they have for children. You could answer under that topic so this would remain about Alaska.

    If you haven't been there since 1968, you will definitely not recognize it. I went in 2007 after not being there since the mid-1980s. I was totally amazed at the differences but still enjoyed it. Have fun.

  • We loved the trip
    The guides usually keep the kids very busy on the buses games, contests Ect while at Grand Canyon most of the activity is provided by the park itself. There is plenty of time to explore hike or take in programs.
    At Bryce Canyon there is a trail ride while not required it was lots of fun from our son through to his grandmother we all enjoyed the ride
    There were programs at Bryce as well as at Zion, as usual most of the activity is seeing these magnificent natural wonders
    The stop at Kanab was fun especially because we are into westerns. We enjoyed the air touring over lake Powell and the trip out onto lake Powell. The monument valley tour was not available when we went, we were slightly disappointed but the antelope canyon tour ended up being one of the most memorable parts of the tour.

    You can be very active or go for more restful it all depends on what you want. In any case I believe you and your family will have some great memories and that is if your trip is only half as good as ours was.
    I hope this was helpful to you have a good time we did and we now look forward to Alaska.
  • Thank you for the information. I know that this tour should be spectacular with the National Parks we are seeing.
  • We will be on same tour on 6/8 with our 13 year old grandson. How old is your son?
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