Activity Level

We are considering this tour. I am having trouble trying o find out what the activity level is. We are active seniors but not extremely athletic. Is there a lot of hiking involved? I watched the little video and when they showed the Grand Canyon, it appears that they are hiking down a rocky hill with no steps or railings. I'm not sure I would be comfortable with that.

Please advise ---- thanks!

Mary Lou


  • Hi ML in FL, I went on this trip a couple of years ago and it is not athletic. You can enjoy the beauty of the parks right outside your hotel room or you can hike as some did. It is a wonderful trip. I have knee issues and never felt like there was too much walking etc. You go at your own pace. Go on to the Canyonlands forum where I have posted alot of info. regarding this wonderful trip.
  • At the Grand Canyon you can see all you need to see walking along the top. No need to do any hiking if you don't want to. I walked to the other end and took a bus back.
  • Each activity is up to the individual. This was a pleasurable trip for those who just want to relax and take in the views.
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