black slack or capris

This is to the ladies who have been on this trip before! Can you wear black in the evening when going to dinner? Don't want to bring anything that I wont be wearing. Thanks! Carol


  • Hi Cali,

    Black slacks and capris are both fine for this itinerary.

    Hope this helps,
  • Thanks, Emily. We are doing back to back tours with Tauck. We are starting in Tanzania and Kenya and then heading to South Africa. So it is like packing for two trips in one! Very much looking forward to both adventures!
  • Emily,

    I have another question. In the Tauck Guest documents it doesn't mention anything about the 40 pound limit. On page 22, it says only that luggage should not weigh more than 50 pounds. We are doing two tours back to back and both are safaris. What is the actual weight limit that is allowed. Please and thank you so very much! Also what is the recommended DEET percentage - I rather go lower I've read so much about this stuff and some of it doesn't make me happy. I am just being really over anxious at this point!
  • I did the South Africa trip last October. A nice pair of black pants or capris is fine for evening; there are only a handful of evenings where people got out of safari or other casual clothes so just a few dressy tops are plenty. At that time we were advised of the 40 pound limit. I was at that limit and really needed far fewer clothes and wished I had packed lighter. Even with back to back trips, there were hotels along the way that would do laundry and no one cares if you wear things over and over - everyone else is doing the same thing.
  • I just finished the Elegant South Africa tour in May. While at the Tinga and Sabi Sabi lodges everyone worn their safari clothes to dinner, no one changed into something else. Note it is fairly chilly in the evening and dinners are served open air, most of us wore jackets to stay warm while eating, more so at Sabi Sabi than Tinga. The black slacks might come in handy in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Victoria Falls. This is a very casual trip so no real need for dressy type clothes, even at the welcome dinner and farewell dinner I saw people dressed very casual and others more corporate casual. A couple of the men had sport jackets but most did not. Hope this helps.
  • Regarding the luggage weight limit, we were told 44 lbs. This weight limit applied to the flight between Johannesburg and Victoria Falls and yes they did weigh our checked luggage. As I recall, someone told me there is a hefty fee if you are over the limit.
  • Traveler 115,

    We are taking this trip May 2014. How was it? Were the accommodations nice? Also, you mentioned 44 lbs on flight to Johannesburg. What about flight to Krueger National Park? Thank you. We are so looking forward to this trip. Were you able to see a lot of game?
  • Pili, The trip was wonderful, loved Cape Town, our hotel, The Cape Grace, was our favorite hotel. The staff bends over backwards to assist you any way possible. They even went to a drug store to get some motion sickness medication for me. The hotel in Johannesburg is very contemporary in style, very nice, located next to a very nice shopping mall. The Victoria Falls Hotel is full of old English charm, has been updated. The game lodges were very nice, especially Sabi Sabi. Note I suggested in another post you take layers for the game drives, it gets quite chilly in early morning and after sunset. Yes we saw lots of animals, saw all of the Big Five in one day at Sabi Sabi. The rangers go out of their way to locate wildlife for your enjoyment. You asked about the 44 lb limit on the flight to Krueger, as I recall the only flight which stressed the 44 lb limit was the Johannesburg/Victoria Falls flight. We never saw a mosquito but we did take the malaria preventative as a precaution. I think May will be a great time for this trip, not too cold at night with fairly warm day time temps.
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