TRAVEL ALERT: Flooding in Europe -Updated June 14, 2013

June 14th update:

High water levels continue to impact the rivers of Central Europe, forcing unforeseen changes and challenges to our river cruises and land tours. We continue to monitor information from the affected areas and are providing updates as conditions evolve. We are committed to delivering the best travel experience possible, and as always, our guests’ security, safety and enjoyment are our utmost concerns.

• As you would expect, on-hold times for incoming calls are currently longer than normal, due to a higher volume of incoming calls and to the number of outgoing calls being made to guests traveling on impacted departures.

• To obtain the latest information in the most efficient manner possible, and to avoid experiencing frustration with extended on-hold times, we kindly suggest that you monitor this page for the most current updates.

• If you are scheduled to travel with Tauck and there is a need to alter or cancel your journey, you will be notified by Tauck’s Guest Relations Team via a personal call as soon as we are aware of changes.

• Unless otherwise notified, guests scheduled on June departures in Central Europe should assume that their journeys will be departing.

Impacted River Cruises:

UPDATED:Rhine and Moselle – June 7: Although we had stated previously that high water levels would preclude sailing along the Moselle as scheduled on June 13-15 (Days 7-9), lower water levels today did permit us to sail on the river. We hope to continue along the Moselle on Friday and Saturday, but stand ready to substitute motorcoach-based sightseeing if necessary.

The Blue Danube – June 13: This itinerary begins in Prague, which according to our local partners, has not been impacted in the areas we visit (Prague Marriott Hotel, Prague’s Old Town, and Hradcany). At present, the most significant impact to this departure is the planned elimination of sightseeing in Passau as a result of flooding there. We continue to monitor conditions in Passau, and we stand ready to reinstate sightseeing there if possible. (We are also currently in the process of determining alternate sightseeing for the time normally spent in Passau.) Other major sites we visit in Regensburg, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest were only minimally affected. There are reports of some damage in Salzburg, Cesky Krumlov and the Wachau Valley, but impacts to the overall guest experience are anticipated to be minimal to modest.

The following 2013 departures have been canceled:
• May 30 – The Blue Danube
• June 6 – The Blue Danube
• June 2 – Grand European Cruise
• June 2 – Amsterdam to Budapest by Riverboat
• June 14 – Budapest to the Black Sea – As the surge of the Danube River is expected to pass Budapest Monday or Tuesday, and the impact of the surge as it heads from Budapest to the Black Sea is unknown at this time, we have cancelled this departure.

Impacted Land Journeys (no new updates as of 6/14)

June 13, 20, 27 – Ultimate Alps and Dolomites – No sightseeing modifications at this time

June 1, 15, 29 – Romantic Germany – No sightseeing modifications at this time

June 8 – Warsaw, Budapest, Vienna, and Prague – Minor sightseeing modification at this time – guests could not walk on the Charles Bridge

June 9, 19, 30 – Imperial Europe: Budapest, , Vienna and Prague – Possible sightseeing modifications in Cesky Krumlov. We are in contact with our suppliers in the area and are waiting for an update.

June 16 – Alpine Adventure – No sightseeing modifications at this time
Warsaw, Budapest, Vienna, and Prague – Jewish Heritage Journey:
June 12 – Visit to Theresienstadt on Day 12 has been canceled, roads are flooded, and museums are closed. We have arranged an architectural tour of Prague and lunch in local restaurant.
June 26 – Visit to Theresienstadt is pending further updates. Currently there is a 50% chance of operating as scheduled.

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