August 18th?

Hi! Is anyone traveling on the Tanzania Grand Family Safari beginning on the 18th of August?


  • My husband and I are going. No children with us. From Michigan USA
  • I just saw your response Matuz. We look forward to meeting you and your husband. We are 2 women from Florida traveling with 5 of our adult children (ages 25-33) and 3 of their significant others. 6 of the "kids" live in NYC and 2 live in Rochester, NY. We are busy preparing and getting ready to pack. As you can imagine we are obsessing over what clothing to bring! We have not been to Africa before, nor have we traveled with Tauck. Have you?
  • Hi there, we just returned from this unforgettable trip. Packing was a huge thought process for us as well....a few thoughts I had during the trip:
    I wish I had brought gloves for the couple of early mornings. They are small and easy to tuck away once no longer needed.
    Layers are truly the smart thing to plan on...but for me, the top layer only needed to be a typical Magellan or Columbia type shirt. I'm usually hot...that being said, I may have started the day with a long sleeve shirt but ended up with it tied around my waist most of the day only to put it back on later in the evening.
    I wish I had left more clothes at home. There are two great places for laundry on this schedule...I could have done just fine with half of what I brought, planned for laundry expenses and saved money in the long run by not buying so many clothes. A few places sell tee shirts and fleece if you get desperate and you'll want to purchase them anyway; that being said, don't pass something up you like when you do see it as the next place may have nothing.
    I was very glad to have sturdy shoes...and my favorite slippers. At the end of the days, my shoes were filthy, dusty and I was glad to just leave them just inside the tent opening and not track that all over the room.
    I brought a couple of plastic grocery sacs along and was so glad I did. We had rain on the Kilimanjaro hike, which meant mud on the shoes, I was glad to be able to put them in sacks and in my suitcase so I didn't get anything else dirty or wet.
    That brings me to the rain poncho....really missed the boat on this one. Should have packed one. A clear or tan one. No blue! No rain jacket either. You need the's the only thing that will go over your day pack on your back and keep it dry too. Trust me, if you do get caught in the rain, you'll be so glad you have it. If you don't, it's small and light weight and no big deal to carry. Although, some locals will "rent" you one...for about 5$, it's best to have your own.
    No blue...any blue. It just makes it easier... If you do already have blue, there are a couple of days where it's okay to wear it, the guides will be sure to let you know. I had looked on the Tauck site and saw plenty of pictures of people wearing blue so I didn't think it was that big a deal....wrong. Even when you ride in the want to stand up on the seats so you must remove your shoes, I had black socks...I was the only one with bites on my feet. Those darn flies bit me right through my thick, black, wool socks! So invest in the tan socks...
    Tan, light brown...even green is a okay. No blue. No black. Not on your clothes, jackets, socks, rain poncho, etc.
    If I had it to do all over, and one day I hope to, I would survive with 3 pair of zip off pants, 2-3 long sleeve shirts, 3 short sleeve shirts, a couple of light weight scarves, 2 pair of pj's, gloves, rain poncho, light weight jackets, under garments (for each day), are my must haves...everything else is just dead weight to haul since their is laundry and buying opportunities. There is shampoo, conditioner, lotion in every place you stay. There are blow dryers....but, your hair will be a mess anyway. Blowing about in the trucks as all the windows and sun roofs are open so why bother fussing with it.
    I also wish I brought bigger sunglasses. My everyday pair are small like readers, so when standing in the truck, the lenses were not enough to protect my eyes from the wind whipping by.
    There will be a place to leave your travel clothes behind at the beginning of the trip...good plan. Wear the same thing coming and going, leave it all behind on the first day and be so happy to wear it again on the last day home after you've showered and repacked for the final trip back home.
    There is bottled water will never want for bottled water. But, we were so glad we brought snacks for the day packs. It's not that there isn't enough food but the snacks come in so handy on the drives. Individual packs of beef jerky, lots of gum (just remember to keep wrapper handy when you're done). Fruit snacks if you have kids, etc. just pack your favorites and pack plenty.
    We had a family group of 11, we took just over 5 thousand pictures between us...the animals are that amazing. One picture isn't enough when you see them...they could be eating, drinking, fighting,'ll want to snap off multiple shots each and every time not to mention, pictures of the majestic places you stay and each other. You can't bring enough disks for you cameras.
    Don't plan on sharing binoculars. Or using you camera in place of binoculars. Yes, it's a pain to have both'll never be sorry if you do, only sorry if you don't.
    Although I couldn't use my cell, I was glad I had it for the unexpected picture opportunities... Like when some of my family was in another truck and we were all stopped looking at the same animals at the same time, which happens with the really big game. I was able to get pictures of my kids with elephants and zebras and giraffes and even lions in the background while they were standing in the trucks watching them...very poa (cool).
    We brought pencils, pens, markers for the school wasn't necessary but I was so glad we did. The kids we met were wonderful. The librarian mentioned at they couldn't get enough Harry Potter books so, if you have some old ones laying around that you don't need anymore...I'm sure if you don't mind lugging it if you have room, they would be so happy to have them. Also, they use chalk boards in the classrooms...all colors of chalk would be welcome.
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