dietary question...PLEASE respond if you know

One of the ladies in our group is pregnant and has been advised by her doctor not to eat lunch meat, soft cheeses, fish or hot dogs on the trip. We are wondering if these restrictions will be difficult to accommodate; will she need to bring supplemental meals with her?


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    Hello snova,

    We are able to accommodate her dining needs. I would strongly suggest that you notify your travel agent to make sure that they have noted on her account and/or call 1-800-788-7885, to speak to one of Tauck's Reservations Specialist to make sure we have that we have her dietary restrictions noted.

    Hope this helps,
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    I just got back from this trip, It was awesome, but definitely not a trip for someone who is pregnant. The plane ride alone is uncomfortable. The roads there are horrendous, I actually bumped my head on the roof a few times. You are constantly on the move. Just a thought. That being said it was a trip of a lifetime and I loved every minute!
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    We just returned and my sister in law did great! She sat in the front seat with the driver most times and was comfortable. We had delicious food and no worries whatsoever.
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    We were also on the July 2013 trip and don't recall seeing lunch meats or hot dogs. One couple eats Kosher and did all right by going with vegetarian options. Suggest you do NOT bring food as you will not be able to leave it in your room, which is usually a tent. Animals can smell the food and may get into the tent when you are out and ransack it looking for the treats, or so we were warned. Baboons, they can do zippers and such.
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    jsdds - about your food comment... what about prepackaged,commercially produced, protein bars? I prefer to eat those instead of breakfast or lunch about once a day, so I planned on packing those for me and also for the kids to have on hand as a safe, easy, fulfilling, on-the-go snack. Are you saying we can't have those in our luggage? (We are going in August and can't wait!) Thanks!
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