We're booked on a Canyonlands tour in October. Not sure about the flightseeing option. What is flightseeing like? Do we have to wear earplugs? How turbulent is it? Trying to find out more about the flying experience to see if this is going to be enjoyable if one is a nervous flyer on regional jets.


  • I went on the Canyonlands trip a couple of years age. The flight was on a very small prop plane. In fact they used two planes for our group. It was a gorgeous day. The woman pilot was wonderful. No ear plugs needed. They don't fly very high and the beauty is magnificent. Enjoy it. You could see everything the pilot was doing for the plane sat maybe 16 or so people. Can take pics out the windows. This is a wonderful trip to see the beauty of America. Enjoy it.
  • I paid the extra to go to Monument Valley and thought the experience was fantastic. We landed and was take on a tour of the valley. Also, a lady showed us how they braid hair and weave rugs. The one included takes you around the area from what I understood and you see some of the formations close to town.
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