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Please help! I am debating when to go on the Peru/Galapagos trip. I am a single traveler and am considering April or September. What are the advantages or disadvantages that I should consider? If you have been there at either of those times, I would greatly appreciate your feedback.


  • We went on this fabulous trip earlier this year - last week of March/first week of April. The weather was good in the Peru portion of the trip - some rain one day when we were en route from Cuzco to the Sacred Valley. We also had good weather for the Galapagos sailing. The islands are quite green this time of year, although the water was cool for snorkeling. We wore our shorty wet suits for this as well as a long-sleeved "rash guard" shirt. Not a problem really. It is a wonderful vacation!
  • Our favorite trip, out of eleven! We went in mid-March to first of April. At that time of year the weather at Machu Picchu can be unpredictable. It poured rain when we first arrived, and then, as we entered the gates, the sun broke through giving everything a golden glow. Our biggest fear had been that there would be rain and fog, and we wouldn't see a thing. We felt very fortunate. The next morning we entered as soon as the gates opened (the advantage of traveling with Tauck as you stay at the Sanctuary Lodge right at the gate), and it was quite foggy. We climbed to a fairly high point and continued to get the most amazing photos as the fog swept up from the river and moved on across the ruins revealing some, covering others and moving across Huayna Picchu, the outcrop behind the ruins. It was quite mystical. Also, the grounds are very green and lush looking.
    As far as the Galapagos, this is a fantastic time to go. The animals are mating: those blue footed boobies are dancing, the frigate birds are blowing up their chests, and we even got to see a couple of tortoises cavorting about! We did miss the waved albatross. I believe they arrive in April. The water is chillier, but, as Sue says (hi, Sue...we did that infamous riverboat tour that was cancelled halfway through...), the mid thigh wetsuits are great. The snorkeling is the best we've had anywhere!
  • For the Galapagos, check out Frommer's
    They do a good job describing the highs and lows of each season and depending on what your priorities are, I found the article very helpful.
  • Thank you so much for the replies. I can't wait to go. I was surprised though that the trip is sold out until September, 2014. I am booked!!! It is early to do this...but if anyone else is booked for Sept 23, let me know.
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