hi, does anyone have info on hop on/off bus in london.



  • If you've never been to London before it is a great way to get the lay of the land so to speak. You can identify things or places you want to go back to and spend more time. My wife and I were lucky in that when we where going by Whitehall they were just getting ready to do the changing of the horse-guards so we hopped off. Also turned out that they were also kicking off something else so Prince Phillip was there standing not five feet away from us.
  • A few years ago we had a very brief visit to London and took the hop on/off bus. We've taken hop on/off buses in many cities and found that it offers a great overview of a city with the opportunity to cover a lot of ground, easily. Here is the Viator link for London, which includes many tours as well as hop on/off tickets. We've used Viator before and found their prices are good and priced in USD.

    London is a fantastic city and we look forward to returning in Sept.
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