looking forward

We'll be going in October.
Need help in what type of clothes I should pack....gals, any suggestions?
Has anyone gone very recently?


  • Hi Austin,

    I'm not going until November, but I discovered that if you click on the "Print Tour Details" item near the top of the itinerary page for this trip and scroll down, you will find some detailed information about climate at each of the stops. For example, you will learn that the average high temperature in October in Delhi is 91 F and the average low temperature in Kathmandu then is 24 F. There is also some guidance on cultural norms that impact clothing.

    I hope this helps a little.

  • Hi Austin,

    My Mother and I are on the October 31st tour. It appears we'll need to pack clothes for 2 different climates as Nepal temps differ considerably. As Nick posted, the website is wonderful. After you locate our trip itinerary, view the other tabs, most importantly the "Need to Know" tab. Each sub-tab can be opened for detailed information about VISA's, weather, clothing, customs, etc. It's very enlightening.

    For what it's worth, I'm packing pants (leaving the shorts at home) and long skirts, short sleeved cool tops and other long sleeved layering tops. It seems we'll need at least one additional outerwear item (i.e., fleece) for the game parks??

    Look forward to meeting you and the others going in late October!


    P.S. Has anyone had any issues regarding their India VISAs?
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