Questions for Canyon Lands tour

Hi, we are also leaving Oct 5th. Anyone taking a sports jacket for evening events? Really looking forward to meeting everyone. Is there a way to see who is going and where they are from.


  • Hi Happy Two, I went on this trip a couple of years ago. It is a wonderful trip of America the Beautiful. This is a very casual trip. Men do not need jackets and most didn't bring them. Also, if you have never been on Tauck you will receive the names and hometowns of all of the people on the trip at the welcome dinner. Some people on your trip may respond on the forum but for the most part you will meet everyone at the welcome dinner. Tauck doesn't give out the names and addresses before the trip due to confidential info. etc. Have a wonderful time.
  • Thank you for the information,appreciate your quick response
  • We just went on the trip Sept 9 - 16. Absolutely fabulous!
    No sports jacket needed. Very casual most of the time as are all the destinations except Las Vegas which is your choice whether to dress up or not.
    We had a wonderful group - most from the East Coast, except one couple from Australia. Had a great time meeting everyone and traveling together to these magnificent American treasures. You will get the list and at the end can share your email with the group if you want.
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