Shoes for Israel and Jordan

The Tauck Book advises wear comfortable sturdy shoes.

Anyone wear hiking boots or hiking shoes?

I was going to take sneakers, but now I'm wondering if it's dusty, and maybe rainy...perhaps this is not advisable. Jordan has a lot of walking trails in Petra.

Thanks to those who answer.


  • Never mind.....

    tks anyway.....I'm all set.
  • Sneakers will be fine for land travel. The ground is sometimes rocky and dusty, but hicking shoes is really overkill. More important than walking shoes are the shoes you will need for the Dead Sea. Make sure you have water shoes that strap on. At the Movenpick hotel, there are two ways to get into the water. Both paths require you to walk on rocks and pebbles, and they hurt! You will need your water shoes for that. Then you can choose between a rocky path which takes you to the edge of the water where you can then proceed to walk in. Or, you can use the wooden ramp, which is very slippery, and enter the water by baking into the Dead Sea after climbing on submerged rocks. In both cases, you will be safer and more comfortable wearing water shoes. Make sure they strap on or they will pop off in the water and be more of a hazard than help.
  • Hi McCarthy Family,

    I was in Israel when you posted your note.
    Everything you wrote was spot on.

    I used the ramp and the rocks was slippery. I had on rubber flip-flops which poped off in the water.

    I'm so glad I didn't take hiking boots. My well worn sneakers was a smart choice, and of course, I took other shoes.

    Thanks for your reply.

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