dress code for china trip

We would like to know what is required dress for both men and women for dinner and during the day.Are jeans and shorts OK for day tours.? What are the Restroom facilities like, when we will be out away for the hotels? We will be on the Westbound tour on Sept 6, and will arrive on the 5th 2011.We will fly out of San Franciso. Would love to hear from any follow TRAVELERS.


  • I too, would like the dress code for daytime. I will be in China (Westbound) leaving Newark 18 Sept. Some of the study I have done appears shorts are frowned upon. So I am thinking of pants to the knees (in my days they were called puddle pushers). I would rather wear shorts....I wish I knew for sure. Anyone out there can advise me? I do know we are limited with our suitcase. In the past with Tauck, some dinners we dressed up some, but never formal. Hope to hear from anyone going westbound 20Sept trip. Thank you Bill and Lurlene Brown, I will see you in Sept. And thank you for responding on your eastbound trip to China (pabrams52). Yes this "whets my appetite).
  • Did this trip already, great trip. Most men wore the zipper leg pants during the day so if it got real hot at sights, they could take the bottom parts off.Also they can be rinsed out, hung and dry real fast. Dinner in the hotels, button down shirts, dockers. nice casual. All women wore capris, no shorts. Especially when in the big cities I never saw a women wearing shorts. Dinner was nice casual as well. As you travel about all bathrooms have at least one or two western toilets. Carry alot of tissues with you, we never saw a bathroom that had toilet paper. Also we had hand sanitizer with us. Could have changed but I doubt it. Hotels are great and have everything you could possibly need. Bottled water is in abundance since you have to be strict,bottled water only, even to brush your teeth at the finest hotels. Tauck takes care of the water. Be comfortable during the day. Last night, we had a fabulous private banquet, most men did not wear jackets, including my husband. He was fine! Great trip, enjoy!
  • I just posted in another spot.

    By the time you take all of their suggestions I don't see me traveling light. Dress up, warm temps, layer and prepare for cooler weather and don't forget the rain gear.

    Yes, I am being a little sarcastic but I will probably fill my suitcase until it's the right weight.

    2 years ago we bought luggage from Magellan called Lipault. They seem to be phasing it out. The weight of my old luggage weighed about 15 lbs with nothing in it for a pretty nice size piece. The new one weighs 6. We haven't measured it yet.

    Bev & Ed
    Sept 2 Westbound
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