Long times in the safari jeeps

Planning on taking 3 grandsons, 10 12 and 13, on the Family Tanzania Safari in December and I wonder if someone could comment on the time spent "on the road" and how their children handled the time.


  • Hi Tireddoc...I'm really going to be interested to see the responses you receive. I also have three grandchildren and am considering taking them on safari. The only difference is I have two boys and one girl. One of the boys is fascinated by the blogs we write after each of our safaris. The other boy and the girl are too polite to turn up their noses but I don't sense the same level of "fanaticism" I share with my wife.

    It's been a very long time since I was a pre-teen. I remember having boundless energy and endless curiosity. As an adult, I could ride forever on a game drive without tiring. Maybe that is because I read so much before starting each safari. I wonder if an appropriate age group reading list might trigger the interest of your grandchildren?

    Leo M
  • We took the tour in July 2013, with our 10 year old daughter. There were kids of all ages in the group. It's a lot of time in the vehicles but very interesting terrain and wildlife. Everyone, including the kids, was gazing out looking for animals to point out to others, and it was exciting, not boring--no need for "car games". It's a dirt road most of the time and can be very bouncy. Older folks with creaky backs may find it a little bit of a challenge but everyone did fine. Often there is a morning and an afternoon game drive and one can always opt out of one and rest,if need be, though they are so exciting you won't want to miss if you can make it. There are reading lists somewhere on the site but I went for the photo essay type books rather than children's books. OH and the Disney film Lion King, and/or the stage musical, are fabulous preparation since they use actual Swahili words for the animals, and your kids will recognize features of the terrain.
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