Normandy, Brittany, Paris & the Loire Valley

My wife and I are traveling on this tour in early September, (9/7), and we were wondering about shorts.....this is still Summer, but France, it seems is a little cooler at this time of year. I'm a shorts guy, so I hope they will be alright.
Anything special that we should know about the Normandy area? We've travelled with Tauck before, so know that it will 1st rate.


  • Hi JLMcKeown,

    I hope you enjoyed your trip!

    My husband and I are scheduled for this trip next June and I too am interested in clothing. Can you tell me what people generaly wore during the day and evening. I was wondering if any people wore nice jeans on the colder coastal days. We will be in France for an additional 3 days before the tour and 5 days after and I need to figure out how to plan for 21 days of clothing for the variety of things we will be doing and the fact that I probably need different clothing for many of the evenings.

    Also, can you tell me anything you particularly enjoyed or did not find particularly enjoyable.

    And any recommendations.

    Thank you,
    Kathy K

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